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The Trust Panther golf ball range is specially developed for beginner or high-handicapper golfers.

Most beginners play with recycled or Surlyn balls. However, Trust Panther balls allow every golfer to play premium, cost-effective, high-quality urethane balls, even when just starting out without the price tag. 

Panther Urethane cover x BIG MAX high COR core features:

  • A world-leading combination; Highly durable urethane cover BIG MAX high COR core.
  • Extra Thin Urethane Cover
  • Free spin control in green & amazing flight distance.
  • Soft & Elastic Feel
  • Green Side Control with Distance
  • Highly durable urethane cover that does not easily get scratched.
  • 332 dimples based on aerodynamic calculations that are ideal for urethane covers.

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