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To All Golfers Who Want To Boost Their Distance, Control, And Accuracy

May 10, 2021

What Makes A Sports Car So Exhilarating? 

Author: Bobbie Lee


This was a question I always asked myself because I was a truck guy...that is until I started working with Rick.

Rick’s favorite sports car was a corvette. He said the reason it was his favorite was because they’re fast, they handle well, and the Corvette       

is also known for being very affordable. 

It wasn’t long before I decided that I wanted to drive a corvette. I had to find out for myself why this car was so exhilarating to Rick and others as well. Rick and I worked the weekend shift together. We would usually spend a lot of time at work talking about what makes the Corvette and other sports cars so great. We would also spend weekends browsing through Corvettes across the country for sale.

One day Rick told me he found an awesome deal on a Corvette and he was going to buy it. A couple of weeks later Rick showed up at work with his newly purchased Corvette. I could tell just from the first glimpse that this sports car was definitely a head turning thoroughbred!

Rick’s new Corvette was a black 1996 Grand Sport with extremely low miles. This car had all of the bells and whistles, including a big spoiler on the back of it. 

I nearly died when he threw me the keys and told me to take her for a spin!

Driving this Corvette was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life! The car was sleek, and also was incredibly fast! It did 0 to 60 in five seconds flat! The way this car handled was out of this world! It stuck to the road like glue! 


A Golf Ball Should Handle Like A Sports Car

I was walking to my truck the other day after finishing up my round at the golf course, and I couldn’t help but think back to my experience with driving Rick’s Corvette. 

The reason I thought about it is because I had just gotten done trying out a brand new golf ball for the Trust Golf company. 

This golf ball, like the Corvette, was very exhilarating to play with! It was like a sports car on the fairway! It’s beautiful dimple line gave it a sleek look. It’s reactive core made it incredibly fast! Distance wasn’t a problem for this ball! It’s urethane covering gave it incredible control around the greens! This ball always stopped where I wanted it to! I couldn’t help but compare it to the Corvette that I got to drive.

I have played with many different kinds of golf balls and I knew right away that this ball was a head turning thoroughbred! It definitely had a lot of spin on the greens compared to other brands. It belongs in the same class as Titleist’s ProV1 and Callaway’s Chrome Soft. 

Use This Test To Find The Perfect Golf Ball For You

I’m going to tell you what kind of ball this is in a minute, but first I want to ask you a question…

Can the golf ball that you're currently using be compared to a sports car? If you answered this question with a no, then it might be time to change brands. But how can you tell if a golf ball is a thoroughbred or not? I used to wonder the same thing until I came across this 3 step golf ball test. Use this test to see if your golf ball is a thoroughbred: 

  • Make Sure It Has A Reactive Core. The core of the golf ball is just like the engine in a sports car. If you put your foot into the accelerator, then you're going to feel the incredible speed and see the distance. This also goes for lower speed drivers too. If you press down lightly on the accelerator then you’ll be able to feel the consistency and stability of the sports car. It's exactly the same with a reactive core in a golf ball. Someone with a high swing speed is going to feel the speed and distance. Someone with a low swing speed is going to feel the consistency and the stability of the golf ball.  
  • Make Sure It Has Urethane Technology. Like the shock absorber in your car, an excellent material technology can absorb the shock when your golf ball lands. This allows you to stop your ball on the green, exactly where you want it too. It also provides a fault tolerance. 
  • Make Sure It Has A Resistant Coating. Certain golf balls look like they have a clear sleek coat on. This coat isn’t just for looks. It allows the golf ball to be dirt resistant, air resistant, and wind resistant. The coat on a golf ball is going to do the same thing as the coat on a sports car. It’s going to be dirt resistant, air resistant, wind resistant, and sleek. 
  • You can use this 3 step golf ball test every time you buy different brands of golf balls. If you think this 3 step method is too much work then I may have a solution for you…

    A Golf Ball Made For All Golfers

    If you want a golf ball that has a reactive coreurethane technology, and a resistant coating then you need to check out the Aurora by Trust Golf. 

    The Aurora is the ball that I was trying out for Trust Golf. It gives you a total golf performance. The Aurora’s performance off the tee, on the green, and everywhere else on the course is incredible. It definitely passes the 3 step golf ball test with flying colors. The dimple design on this ball is the perfect combination of lift and you ultimate distance. From tee to green this ball is the total package

    When the folks over at Trust Golf were designing this ball their goal was to make an affordable tour quality ball that all golfers could benefit from. They also wanted to create a golf ball that stood out in a good way. After trying this ball out I would say they were extremely successful on both counts.

    The reason all golfers can benefit from this ball is the reactive core. It’s not too hard, or too soft. This means that golfers with all different types of swing speeds can benefit from using it. 

    For golfers with a low-swing speed, a reactive core can help to create the speed and get extra distance. For golfers with a high swing speed it helps them find the sweet spot much easier. This gives you maximum distance and accuracy. Whether you're a beginner, kidwoman, or a professional, there’s no doubt that you can benefit from this golf ball

    I like to think of the Aurora as the sports car of the golf world. This ball was made to drive down the fairway, literally! It’s resistant coat gives it a very sleek look. The urethane technology also gives this ball incredible control around the greens. This ball will check like it’s got auto breaks.

    If you drop this ball on the floor and compare it with other brands that have similar compression and are urethane covered, you will find out the Aurora will not bounce as high. This isn’t because the Aurora is hard. It's because the urethane cover on the Aurora can absorb the shock better than most brands. 

     Driving isn’t a problem either. The core of the ball is reactive/responsive. This gives you distance, but it won’t compromise on integrity. It’s also one of the best and most affordable balls that you can buy!

    Don’t just take my word for it. If you want a golf ball that has the best value and also is a tour caliber golf ball then head over to Official Website  and check out the Aurora. You can also find the Aurora on Amazon. Check out the Aurora today! Trust me, you’ll be glad that you did! 

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