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Why Urethane Covered?

July 29, 2019

Among all golf balls that PGA tour golfers use, including Titleist Pro V1/V1x which are the balls that have been played the most, TaylorMade TP5/TP5x, Bridgestone Tour B XS, and Srixon Z-Star XV, there’s a common. That is, urethane cover, as known as PU cover.

You must wonder, why are the tour balls urethane covered and why Trust insist to produce urethane covered golf balls? The reason is that urethane is a polymer that has many attributes that are beneficial for a golf ball, most notably its ability to have its toughness and hardness controlled when heat is applied. Because Urethane can be reheated and re-moulded, it allows for more precision and design flexibility. Unlike Urethane, most of the golf balls with lower price were made of Surlyn which has a significantly gap in spin and distance control.

You may consider that only the professional golfers should play the Urethane covered golf balls; however, to change the point of view, the reason that you should try Urethane covered golf ball, especially Trust will come down to a few elements, including budget and preference.

A Urethane coverd golf ball can be expensive, for most it cost about 40 dollars per dozen, and lose 3-5 balls every round, but what if you can keep one ball for 18 holes and get the benefits of your investment on every shot? That would definitely save a lot.

In the aspect of preference, Urethane is softer than Surlyn and delivers higher spin rates on iron and wedge shots. Moreover, if you like the firmer feeling, you’re not stuck with the Ionomer covered anymore since a lot of premium balls have a firmer feeling version that spin slightly less of the tee for players who swing faster or create excess spin.

In a nutshell, Surlyn-covered golf balls are generally less expensive, but don’t provide the spin needed to stop shots quickly around the greens. Furthermore, since firmer feeling of Urethane has been launched, it is not a concern that Surlyn-covered golf balls slightly more durable and may provide a little more distance than urethane models for Urethane covered can not only brings distance but spin.

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