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Q: Who is Trust Golf?

A: Trust Golf is a division of Kerichem Materials Science Co. Ltd. For the past 25 years, we have been supplying golf ball core and cover technologies to nearly all the world’s major golf ball manufacturers. If you have ever played a golf ball from any of the major golf ball brands, there’s a good chance one or more of our materials or technologies was powering it. Based on perfecting a previously challenging urethane injection molding process, in 2016, we decided to create and sell our own Trust branded golf balls directly to consumers.

Q: Why should I consider playing Trust golf balls?

A: In short, because our golf balls perform perform for everyone. Every ball we make – even our balls for “beginners” and “average” players -- has a premium, tour-caliber, urethane cover, so you no longer have to give up distance to get better, softer feel and performance. Now, everyone can play – and afford – a premium, tour-caliber golf ball and get all the distance and performance they need.

Q: How is Trust different from other “direct-to-consumer” golf ball companies?

A: First, we are the only company that makes every ball with a high-performance, premium, urethane cover, and all models are sold at the same, value price. We do not make any golf balls with lower quality, Surlyn covers. Second, unlike others, we are not just a “brand name” printed on golf balls designed and manufactured by someone else. We have 25 years’ experience in golf ball materials science, and we control the end-to-end manufacturing of our golf balls from design and materials and from core to cover to ensure maximum performance and quality control.

Q: How do you know Trust golf balls are as good as the premium ones from the major brands?

A: In addition to being reviewed and approved by the USGA and R&A rules of golf, we had our golf balls tested by Golf Laboratories, Inc., the most respected independent golf equipment testing lab in America. The distance, trajectory and dispersion of all Trust golf balls were found to either meet or beat the performance of premium balls from the major, name-brands.

Q: How are you able to offer such good golf balls at such low prices?

A: Like other direct-to-consumer companies, we make-and-ship directly to you. We don’t have storefront rent to pay and we don’t use distribution and retail middlemen, so there’s no crazy markup on the price. But, unlike other direct-to-consumer golf ball companies, we also have 25 years’ experience in the materials and production of golf balls and we have perfected the historically expensive and challenging process of injecting molding thermoplastic polyurethane. These efficiencies allow us to further keep costs down and pass the savings to you.

Q: Why do you offer a 180-day, money-back guarantee when others only offer 30 days?

A: We are confident in our golf balls and their impressive performance in independent tests, so there’s no reason to rush you. We are happy to give you tons of time to try them out and compare their performance to other balls. We think you’re going to love them.

Q: Which Trust golf ball model is right for me?

A:  There are a few ways to find out. One, you can refer to this “quick-compare” chart. Two, you can go through our quick fitting tool found here. Three, you can order this sampler pack and play/test each ball to see which performs the best for you.

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