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Why Trust

We are not just a “brand name” printed on golf balls designed and manufactured by someone else. We control the end to end manufacturing of our balls from design and materials and from core to cover to ensure maximum performance and quality control

Urethane Cover

All the top golf ball manufacturers use urethane covers in their high-end, tour-caliber models. Now, golf balls with urethane covers are more expensive to make, so in the past, they were more expensive to buy. Like some other, Trust has cracked the code on making urethane –covered, soft-feeling yet durable, high-spinning golf ball, but without sacrificing distance. However, Trust handle the entire golf ball making process IN HOUSE – design, materials, core and cover– we can make an affordable golf balls that rival the best in the world.

Four Ball Compression

During the process of research and develop, Trust Golf noticed the other new trend on the market of golf equipment- customization.

Golfers will create the different deformation of balls because their figures, age, clubs and swing speed are all different. That’s why so many of golfers play the same premium golf balls as their favorite PGA Tour professionals. But the problem is those balls aren’t always a perfect match for our abilities and swing speeds.

Trust golf balls have undergone a lengthy development process, based on the PGA compression rating of Compression = 180 – (deformation x 1,000). This is based on calculating the deformation of the golf ball under 200lbs of pressure. Each 0.001 inch of deformation increases the compression rating of a golf ball by one point. The result of this process is a range of four Trust golf balls with different compressions to suit a variety of swing speeds.


Value for Money

As a golf ball maker, Trust has been dedicated to providing the best ball with the preferential price for golfers. The balls that can be played daily but equivalent to the level of Open are always the balls that Trust want to offer to all the golfers. We believe that either the beginners or experts should play the balls with urethane covered (PU covered) to increase the spin and have better handle-ability, and softer ball, for beginners or those who love softer feeling, to have more fault tolerance. We’ve notice that the current golf marketing has increased the price by the middle man before it launched. Trust believe that we can break the current status, for we are the golf ball maker, we decide the price.

The Spirit of Trust

Trust means unbreakable faith. We firmly believe that TPU covered golf ball will be the trend in the future because it is more eco-friendly and energy-efficient. Also, we are confident that both amateur and professional golfers can get their best choices easily by unique compression classification system. Think big with trust!

Data from Golf Laboratories

The trajectory and dispersion data from Golf Laboratories show that Trust is competitive with adversaries, including the brand that has been familiar with.


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